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Bela Lugosi is better known as Count Dracula. Although Mr. Lugosi died in 1956 his film legacy carries on.

Bela Lugosi was born Be'la Ferenc Dezso Blasko in Hungary on October 20, 1882 and died of a heart attack in Los Angeles, California on August 16,1956. Before the film Dracula made this man a legendary star, Mr. Lugosi worked in films and Shakespearean plays in Hungary. In 1927, he starred in Bram Stoker's play Dracula and in 1930, director Tod Browning signed him up to star in the film version of Dracula. This was after the death of actor Lon Chaney, who was originally cast in the role.

Mr. Lugosi was very involved in politics while he was living in Hungary. He founded the Free Organization of Theatre Employee, which later became known as National Trade Union of Actors. His high political involvement was the reason why he had to flee Hungary. He came to the United States and just before World War II his career was at an all time high.

He was very loyal to the United States although during the 1940s he was very controversially involved when it came to political issues. This and drug dependency led to the demise of his career with major film studios just before 1945. He did star in one film in 1948 Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein and in The Black Sleep in 1956 for Universal Studios. While he was not sought after for the larger motion picture studios, he did star in several motion pictures for smaller film production companies.

Regardless of his political involvement and drug dependency, Bela Lugosi will always be Count Dracula to his fans.