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Stress--it can rule your life, or ruin it. It depends on how you deal with it all. Here some tips on how to deal with it effectively and regain some control over your life.

1. Decrease the amount of volunteer activities you are doing. If you have a problem saying no, learn how now before your cup overflows.

2. Increase the amount of sleep you get per night. Lack of sleep almost always encourages burnout.

3. Eat a nutritionally sound diet. It doesn't take much to incorporate a few raw vegetables and fruits in your diet. If you buy the pre-packaged vegetables and fruits, it is even easier. (Read: baby carrots, apples, etc.)

4. (For those in college) Avoid studying an entire quarter's worth of information the week (or night) before the final exam. If you are studying throughout the quarter, then studying for the final exam will be stress reduced.

5. Work smart. Complete tasks in shorter amounts, and take frequent "refresher" breaks. Don't overload your brain by taking bigger chunks of work to do at one time. It may increase your productivity!

6. Don't bottle emotions inside. This may be hard for those who find it hard to open up their feelings, but it is truly worth the effort! Talking to a trusted friend, counselor, etc may help relieve some of your burdens.

7. Schedule your time accordingly. If you find that you are getting too much to do, it may help to write down all that you have to do in a list. Then take that list, create a schedule in a reality based format. For example, create an attainable time for each project. Then stick to it!

8. Last, but not least, take time for you! That might include taking a short walk to clear your mind, or maybe you want to treat yourself to a meal out. Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy yourself and relax!