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Large embroidery hoop
Aida cross-stitch cloth (enough to cover the hoop and leave at least a 3-inch overlap)
5 inches of narrow decorative ribbon, color of your choice
Scissors or pinking shears

1. Iron the Aida cloth to remove any wrinkles.
2. Lay the hoop on the cloth and draw a circle around the hoop, leaving 2-3 inches between the edge of the hoop and the circle.
3. Cut the circle of fabric (use pinking shears for a more decorative edge).
4. Insert the circle of cloth into the embroidery hoop, leaving an inch or two of cloth evenly around the outside of the hoop.
5. Tie the decorative ribbon to the embroidery hoop screw.
6. Add earrings. Hanging earrings (with no back) can be hung anywhere. Stud earrings (or others with an earring back) are best hung outside the hoop on the excess fabric for easiest manipulation.