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Reba McEntire was born in Oklahoma in 1955, into a family of rodeo riders. Her father, brother and grandfather were all award winning rodeo stars. Indeed, it was her father who taught her and the rest of his offspring how to ride rodeo style. Reba’s mother on the other hand, taught the children how to sing, and soon it was quite obvious that Reba had a special talent in country music. In fact, she began singing at Rodeo shows at the tender age of three, and through her childhood also sang at churches and festivals.

It was at a rodeo show in 1974 that Reba McEntire was first discovered by anybody of any standing in the music business. She was singing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’, and honky tonk singer Rod Steagall was in the audience. She was soon recruited and had her first chart success as a country singer in 1976 with ‘I Don’t Want To Be A One Night Stand’. After several more hits she eventually reached number one in 1982 with ‘I Can’t Even Get The Blues’.

The 1980’s proved to be some of Reba McEntire’s most successful years. She achieved many number ones when she was one of very few female artists in a male dominated country music scene. Many believe her success as a country singer are partly due to her origins from a poor family that had to work extremely hard for everything they got, and her eagerness to strive for the best. Perhaps most importantly was Reba’s ability to sing with incredible emotion, thereby conveying the message of a song powerfully, made her a top country singer.

She was not without her problems in these glory years. She was divorced in 1987, but happily remarried in 1989 to her bandleader. Tragedy struck in 1991, when seven of her nine band members were killed in a plane crash.
Reba McEntire has shown her strength of character in getting over such a tragic event, and as ever she went from strength to strength. The late nineties saw her undertaking the highest grossing tour in the history of country music with Brooks and Dunn. She has been on many world tours, and in 1998 a tour of Australia proved to be extremely popular. From the humble beginnings of a rodeo rider, Reba McEntire became one of the greatest country musicians of all time.