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This is a quick time meal that really is easy to make and there aren't that much instructions involved. Its something I came across from my childhood. I've enjoyed eating this little meal almost every chance I could get. I'll guide you thru this in an overly easy way to make this meal. Really how much you make is entirely up to you. So don't be afraid to use more of any one ingredient.

In order to make this meal you will need the following things: a frying pan, a pot big enough to handle what we are about to prepare, hamburger (2lbs should do it), 4 or 5 potatoes, one or more boxes of noodles (any kind will do) and 1 large can of V8 vegetable juice. Now as I said earlier, you can expand any one of these ingredients you desire. Just make sure it doesn't fill your pot to the very top. Almost to the top will do just fine. Also, don't forget some pepper for seasoning.

First thing you want to do is cut up your potatoes. Leaving the skin on is your choice if you wish. Then put them in the pot with water and let it boil. Set temp on stove to high but make sure to keep an eye on things. The noodles can go in next once the potatoes are done. With that in mind then you may start browning your hamburger. The temp setting is entirely up to you. All you need to do is pace yourself.

When the potatoes and noodles are done, drain them with your drainer. Then put the pot back on the stove and pour in the V8 vegetable juice. Feel free at this point to throw in your pepper while the hamburger is cooking. Make sure to keep stirring so that the contents don't stick to the bottom. I feel this meal gives you all that daily requirements you need for a healthy meal.

Now when the hamburger is done, you want to also drain it. Then put the hamburger in with the noodles and potatoes. Form this point all you do is keep stirring till its ready to eat. This meal can generally feed about 4 or more people depending on amount of ingredients you used. Make sure that once you pull it off the stove, let it cool for a bit. After that, good eating.