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Changing the oil in a car frequently is essential for the longevity of an engine. Oil should be changed every 3500 miles of hard driving or 5000 miles of highway driving. Here is how to change the oil in a Mazda Miata:

Items needed: it is preferable to use Mazda oil filters because they come with a washer that you will need to replace every time you change oil. Also, you will need about 4 quarts of motor oil and preferably an oil filter wrench.

1. Jack up the car or drive the front of the car up onto ramps so you can crawl underneath the engine.

2. Using a 14mm socket, loosen the drain bolt on the aluminum oil pan. Place something underneath to catch the draining oil.

3. Allow about 5 minutes for the old oil to drain completely. Then, using a NEW aluminum crush washer that should have come with your Mazda oil filter, thread the bolt back into the oil pan and tighten it to 45 lb-ft.

4. Get underneath the car again, and place the oil filter wrench around the oil filter located just underneath the intake manifold. Slowly and patiently loosen the oil filter. The Miata's engine bay is tight, so this will take a bit of effort.

5. Discard the old filter. Fill the new filter 3/4 full of new motor oil, then with your finger, lubricate the rubber gasket around the top of the filter with new oil.

6. Place the new oil filter in position and twist on until hand tight. Use the oil filter wrench to give it one more turn.

Finally, it is very important that you do not discard old motor oil in landfills. Take it to a local mechanic or oil changing service station and have them discard of it for you.