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Learning how to deal with love from a distance is the hardest thing a relationship can survive. It's hard...who do you go out with at night, who do you sleep with at night, who do you just simply relate to when your signifagant other is gone? All those feelings and anxities come into play, so here are a few simple ways to keep your romance in check and keep the fire alive!

Make a special time for each other. It is very important that you make time to talk to eachother. Now every night would be nice, but in this day and time who can do that? Pick one or two nights a week where you can have special time for each other. No other distractions while having this special time on the phone. This is your time to tell your special one how much you miss them, let them know why you miss them, but don't drag on about it. Let them know what is going on in your is work;the new boss; the big fight between you and your best friend, let them know you want them to be included in your world.

Letter writing is such an improtant part of it all. Of course in the new times there is e-mail, and that is good, if you can do that everyday, then do that, but you also need to hand write a letter at least once a week to your specail person. Letters written are so much more personal. Maybe spray some perfum or colonge on the letter, your special scent. In the letter, don't just write that you love them, write why you love them. Let them feel you with your words, and if you are not a big letter writer, try your best to just say how much you love them.

Final tips of advice are plan a trip, maybe once every 2 months or 3. Travel is expensive, but make it something you save for and make a goal. Don't always let one person do the traveling. When the signifant other comes, take work off, make that time sacred. All the money put into it is well worth the effort on both parts!

Distance is a hard thing to have when you love someone. It is possible to share a loving, fulfilling relationship though. It just takes a little more time and effort. If you feel the relationship is worth it, don't let it go, just remember to do the little things!