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Graduation is a big event for everyone involved. Family flies from miles around to watch the graduation ceremony, whether it is a high school graduation or higher education. But what can you buy your graduate? What will help them out when they leave high school and go out into the 'real world?'

There are many options for graduation gifts, and these options are largely dependent upon the situation the graduate is making for themselves. Will they be moving out to attend college? Will they be in an apartment or living in a dorm? Or will they simply decide to stay at home with their parents?

If the graduate is staying at home, there is not a large necessity for household items such as kitchen appliances or towel sets - However, these gifts prove very valuable for the future, as long as the graduate has a place to store the items until they do decide to move out.

Cash always goes down well with high school graduates, and a diary planner or new bedding set never run too far amiss. With the increase in technology, how about a computer or a cell phone? The choices are unending.

If they have decided to move out into an apartment, there are limitless options as to what they may want to help them out in their apartment. However, it is a good idea to talk with them before you go ahead and buy anything, as they may have already begun to purchase items and there is no sense on doubling up on things. The array of furniture, kitchen appliances, decorations, floor coverings and window treatments are endless, and it's really up to your discretion how much you decide you can afford to spend.

If they are going to be living in a dorm, keep in mind that dorms are closer to matchbox-size than mansion-size! Chances are, they will not be able to fit anything substantial into their room, but as with most graduates, cash is always a good option, as are upgrades for their personal computers. Clothing vouchers, concert tickets and
picture frames are also great for dorm-dwellers.

As you can see, there are many choices of graduation gifts, which range from the practical to the downright zany - Whatever you choose, keep the graduate's personal tastes and living situation in mind, and you can't lose!