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Fallen underwater trees are fish heaven. If you choose to fish fallen trees then anchor your boat off to the side of the trees almost at a 45 degree angle from the front of the tree. Always use floating lures and know what the average depth the lure runs. This part of the tree is in the deepest water. Make your first cast to the front of the tree. On your first retrieve keep the tip of the pole high until you know you won't tangle your lure. Next cast the same spot only don't raise your pole as high. Do this until you tick the branches of the tree. If you do hit something solid stop your retrieve and let your lure float up and then begin reeling again. If the solid hit is a fish he will be hooked. Now you can cast closer to the base of the tree.

Slowly work your way to the end of the tree starting with the pole high on the retrieve and dropping it until you knock wood. Soon you will cast to the end of the tree and retrieve your lure the length of the tree without getting hooked except on a fish leaving the safety of the fallen tree.