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Recently I had the oppurtunity to see Fiona Apple at the Tower theater in Upper Darby, Pa., and I halfheartedly grasped the oppurtunity as a way to pass a dreary evening.
I have always been lulled and elated by her music, but had the impression that were i to see her live I would be sorely dissapointed.
I was under the impression for some reason that I would be confronted with the sullen, frail, pathos ridden teen angst driven sadsack the media portrays.
I had also expected that perhaps her presence on stage would fall into hopeless stammering statements and soapbox futilities.
I was refreshingly awed at her stage presense and her lack of pretention. I was equally impressed with her voice. It throbs and rattles like sweet liqueor. Her performance was animated and her delivery true, her act is precise and deft.
I was truly taken with her sincerity and animation....she flops about madly like an ethereal ragdoll, and her music entrances. She spoke little save for a few introductions and a myriad of thank you's. {she was so very polite!)
Her music has a true pulse and taps into resevoirs of fire and feeling that few artist lay bare without pretention or pathos.
So is this girl sullen? Yes, perhaps, but brilliantly so....
I propose she should do an album of '20s and '30s standards. That would be a rare treat.
Truly she has won me over