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Entertainment weekly has recently declared Everquest to be one of the top ten roleplaying games. This RPG was originally released in the Spring of 1999, by Spring of 2000 the expansion pack was released. So what makes this game so great?

When you first start off, you find yourslef in the character selection screen. At this point you'll find a selection of 13 races (Barbarian, Human, Elf, etc..), 14 classes (Cleric, Necromancer, Warrior, etc..), and also 16 different deities or religions. When making a character you can also choose through a few different faces, to personalize it.

Once your character has been made you find yourself in the realms of Norrath. In these lands you'll find various towns, world zones, dungeons, and monsters. To explore this world you will need to interact with others and make friends. Both mobs and quests are not easily victorious by oneself.

In the world of Norrath you will find many skills and trades available to you, 60 levels of experience, weapons, magic, armor, and much more. Player guilds offer events such as duels, races, carnivals, and weddings.

Just a year after it has been released, there are thousands of people world wide who play Everquest on a daily basis. If you enjoy roleplaying games, and like meeting new people, then EQ is a must try. Come and see for yourself what makes this game so great!