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It is one of the most crushing, grinding stresses which humans can experience. It is boredom, that uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling that something is not right with our lives. Boredom is a signal that our needs are not being met. It is a feeling of being trapped. Boredom can, in fact, be very stressful – it can lead directly to such problems as drug use, depression, or psychosomatic illness. If the cause of a person’s boredom is their job, then their life can become almost intolerable. Those 40 or so hours on the job each week can slowly rob them of their spirit and take away their motivation to do just about anything.
The human mind is hungry for change, for challenge, for learning and for new experience. Without such things we feel empty – we feel bored. So, what can a person do who finds himself stuck in a monotonous, boring job? How can he keep the work refreshing and stimulating?
Boredom is basically an attitude of the mind. The critical thing is not what our position is but rather what attitude we have towards it. For instance, most people would consider the job of an airline pilot to be exciting, even glamorous. Yet, that job involves very repetitive work and most of the flying is done on auto-pilot. Yet by constantly thinking of the safety of those passengers entrusted in his care, the pilot staves off boredom and keeps himself focused on the job. So too, for anyone else in a monotonous occupation. Become involved in the work. Realise the vital role that your job plays in the organization that you work for. Take a special pride in the quality of the product or service that you provide. Endeavour to be the very best that you can be in your position.
If you are industrious and become mentally involved in your position, you will be able to achieve a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Besides, your good work will not go unnoticed by your superiors. This may lead to promotion. In fact, it is amazing how many store managers and company c.e.o’s began their working lives in menial and comparatively boring jobs. Yet by applying themselves, by showing themselves to be keen, interested workers, they were able to work their way up the corporate ladder. Their rise to positions of oversight was exciting and rewarding. Their attitudes and goals turned around otherwise boring jobs and made them interesting and valuable stepping stones.
Just because our job is repetitive or monotonous doesn’t mean that we have to suffer boredom from it. By cultivating the right attitude toward our job, we can, in fact, have a stimulating work environment regardless of what we actually do. It’s just a matter of attitude.