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If you are engaged to be married, then chances are you will soon be selecting your bridal registry. Nothing is more fun then deciding what you need to start your new life with your mate. Here are some tips to help you make sure that you will be as happy with what you choose tomorrow, as you are today.

- Before registering, think long and hard about your lifestyle now, and what you think it will be in the future. If you are a casual couple whose idea of entertaining is a backyard bash, do you really need 24 settings of fine china?

- Look through bridal magazines and home magazines to get an idea of what you like. Discuss with your mate how you see yourselves entertaining and living day to day.

- Try and register at stores that are nationwide if you have many out of town guests. If they can access your registry, it will cut down on the number of gifts you receive that you cannot return.

- Remember to choose items that span a broad range of prices, but feel free to dream a little. Think that no one will buy you the $600 grill? Maybe 6 or 10 people will go in on it together.

- Don' limit yourself to department stores. Many young couples register at hardware stores, garden centers, etc.

- Don't "overmanage" your registry. Some people simply do not like to look at a list of what to buy, and will end up buying what they want. Sometimes these gifts can be the most special to you.

- When registering for china or crystal, register for a few more settings than you think you may need. This way, if the pattern is discontinued and you break a dish or bowl, you will have spares.

- Think about any unusual gifts you might like,,,books or theater tickets or how about a cooking class for you and your partner?

- It is perfectly acceptable to write on your bridal shower invitations "Rachel is registered at x and y store"...

- Be gracious when you get your gifts and remember, this is probably the only time in your ife you can make a list of things that you want and people will actually buy them for you. Think about whether you will really like the tie-dyed aprons in 3 years!!!