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Obviously, a bedroom should have a bed. But what furniture, accessories and other design features will take bedroom d├ęcor beyond 2000? The minimalist style is very sought after for home decorating in general - simple, clean cut designs. But how does this translate into such a personal space as a bedroom, which most people prefer to be warm and inviting?

- COLORS. The emphasis is on neutrals such as coffee and cream, spiced up with accessories - try blue or hot pink. Remember that color, like salt in cooking, can always be added later according to taste. A bedroom decorated in cream and off white could be brightened with a dark blue chair, and cushions piped with the same color.

Ceilings , cornices and walls should be washed in the same color, to make the room feel cosy. Use paint effects such as washing, ragging, sponging or stippling in three tones of the same color starting with the darkest shade and finishing with the lightest tone - again, to create a feeling of warmth and atmosphere.

- FURNITURE continues the neutral vision - washed or limed timbers matched with cane, rattan and bamboo for a relaxed, resort look. The popularity of iron continues, although only as a touch in the detailing of furniture legs, bedsides, lamps and bedhead. Matching furniture is no longer a necessity. It's nice to throw something else in, for an eclectic mix; for example, you could use a side table on one side of the bed and a round table for the other. Or you might have a lacquered bedroom suite, then add a French provincial desk for interest.

- WINDOW TREATMENTS should be kept simple - no blinds, no fabrics and no dust! Consider Roman Blinds in a bleached cotton or linen with a light border in one of the fabrics used in the bed linen, or timber blinds and/or shutters. Once again the timber should be natural, or limed.

- Even ACCESSORIES should be kept to a minimum for a bedroom that will take you beyond 2000, although family photographs are the exception. Number one on the list of essential accessories is a bedroom chair - it could be antique, or ultra modern style. If you have room, try a butler's table in the corner, maybe a leafy plant or two, and mugs of good coffee....yum!

- AND SO, TO BED. When it comes to dressing the bed, choose white sheets in good cottons for easy living and cleaning, with plain valances and maybe a french pleat at each end to hide any ugly castors. Color can be brought in to the picture at last with simple throwovers in wonderful exotic hues, loads of scatter cushions and bolsters thrown against the bedhead (upholstered of course!) in a variety of patterns and colours .

Bedrooms are very private rooms, and as such should reflect the owner's individual tastes rather than the latest "look". Simplicity never goes out of style, and has the advantage of being practical and easy to care for. It seems interior designers the world over have instinctively followed the feng shui principle, that clutter in the bedroom saps your ability to rest well and takes away your sexual energy!