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Aquarius is the Eleventh sign of the Zodiac. They are under the Air sign and their ruling planet is Uranus. If you were born between January 21 and February 19 you are an Aquarius. Aquarians are progressive and independent. An Intellectual exercise for them, is how the human race operates. They usually take an unemotional viewpoint. They also realize that people are separate individuals operating within a large whole. This humanitarian awareness is a strong charasteristic of Aquarians, who often work for universal of philanthropic goals and campaign for just causes.

The Aquarian rebel streak originates witht their ruling planet, Uranus, which is renowned for endowing the ability to percieve future trends, as well as giving a strong need for freedom. They do not like to take orders and want to think for themselves, doing things in their own unique way. The combination of their strong contrary streak with their fixed sign can make them very stubborn. Fortunately, they are always willing to listen to an alternative viewpoint as long as it is presented objectively. Like Uranus, Aquarians have an electric quality, which can manifest as a forn of mental intuition.

Although each Aquarian has an an individual look, they all know they are part of a united group that stands for human rights and social reform. Even if the rest of the world does not understand them today. What Aquarians are doing now, the world will be doing tomorrow.