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One of the coziest places to stay on a vacation or quick getaway is a homey bed and breakfast inn. However, in order to make your bed and breakfast a place worth visiting, you need to do a few things.

Most bed and breakfast inns have some unique quality that attracts customers. Whether it be a log cabin on a lake or an old Victorian by the sea, you have to have some kind of allure to draw your customers. Survey your situation and your proposed site. Does it have a unique touch that could draw people? Is it an old building worth resoring? Perhaps an old resturaunt renovated into a new home? It doesn't have to be the building itself that draws people. Does the area around you offer spectactular sights? Perhaps forests ripe for hunters? Or great lakes or rivers for fishers? Or themeparks for the children? A ranch with horses or farm animals for the whole family?

While your home town may seem dull to your way of thinking, would someone from a big city or smaller town profit from a visit? Does it offer attractions that do entice visitors?

Once you have established you have a great site for opening a bed and breakfast inn, you need to think of the interior and decorations. No one wants to stay in a shabby room when away from home. People prefer places that are lavish or comfy. You need to decide if your bed and breakfast inn will be a touch from the past with antiques, a modern facility decorated by the savviest decorator, or a homey collaboration of throw pillows and doilies. Which one are you more comfortable with?

Buying furnishing for your bed and breakfast will be expensive, but it shouldn't break the bank. You need to decide how many bedrooms you will decorate, what will go into the living room, kitchen, den and dining room, writing each down and checking each off when you have purchased it.

If you're going for a touch of antique, shop yard sales. Some people have no clue of the treasures they are selling for a quarter. Also, shop rummage sales, garage sales, thrift shops, consignment shops, and Good Will stores. You should find some great furnishings that are fairly cheap but a welcome addition to your new bed and breakfast inn.

If you're going for a touch of savvy modern design, don't hire an expensive decorator. They will cost a fortune and do something that you yourself could do alone. Check out deocrating books from your local library or search online for the latest in fashion. When you find the touch you're looking for, find the supplies and furnishings you'll need as cheaply as possible. Shop at warehouse sales, wholesalers, and going out of business sales. You will more than likely find everything you will need at one of these places.

For a touch of home, why not do these yourself? It will take time, but if you know how to sew, knit, crochet, and do needlepoint, you can do a lot of the decorations yourself. If you're not so talented, try an elderly family member who does know how. (Of course, you may have to pay them!) These will lend a welcome touch of home to your bed and breakfast inn.

It's hard to get started, but if you have the right start, your business can be successful!