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Judy likes to bake cakes for friends' birthdays, Kelly makes Christmas ornaments each year and Kerry writes a weekly round up of the local library's activities. Hobbies and volunteer activities are great for everyone, but what if there was a way you could make money from the things you love to do?

In the case of Judy, it only took a year or so before she became known as the cake lady among her friends. Her cakes were sold at bake sales and given as gifts; it was only a matter of time before people began hiring her to prepare wedding cakes and shower goodies. It's never turned into a fulltime income, which is fine for Judy, because it still gives her free time to bake for friends.

Jennifer began singing at friends' weddings. Her voice was angelic and guests would remember her talent for years. Queries into her fee had her stumped at first. After all she loved to sing, how could she turn it into a job? When one woman offered her $100 to sing three songs at her wedding, Jennifer changed her mind. She could love it and make a profit doing it.

Kelly's Christmas ornaments grew to other holiday crafts and outgrew the number of friends she could give them to. Small, local craft shows rented tables for $15 per weekend, so she takes on a dozen shows per year and makes a good profit on her effort.

Kerry's decided to use her small writing efforts to petition the local community paper for a payin job. She writes features and takes photographs, but she continues to write promotional stories for charitable organizations for free.

What these women have found out is that making money doing something they love is the best of all possible worlds. Their love for their hobby and talents keep them giving it away, as well as using it to earn additional income.

Where can you begin? Is there something you enjoy doing but don't think there's money in it? Think again.
-Love animals? Run a notice in the local shopper that you will take care of pets either in their homes or in yours. Be available on major holidays and during the summer vacation season for maximum profit.
-Artistic? Think holiday crafts. Paint emptied eggshells with animals or flowers, added a colorful ribbon and you have ornaments. Combine with a woodworking friend and create handpainted miniature sleds, bunnies or turkeys.
-Miss having preschoolers around? Offer childcare services either full time or for mothers' mornings out twice a week.
-Green thumb? Grow fresh herb and sprouts, or even exotic mushrooms in the basement for sale to restaurants and groceries.
-Have a talent for needle arts? Knit mittens, hats and sweaters for sale in a ski resort town.

Your skill or hobby can turn into a profitable sideline or a full-fledged career. People need what you have to offer. Now it's time to charge them for it!