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You have decided to put in a screen door. Whether it is because the kids leave the door open all the time, or because you like to let in fresh air and sunshine, but not the bugs. The fact remains hanging or installing a screen door is not hard. You will need the following:
Screen door
Tape measure
Carpenter's plane
Screwdriver (Phillips, flat, and if desired vodka and O.J.)
Second person to hold door when needed

First measure the door and the opening. Hopefully they will be exactly the same size, or the door will be slightly larger (no more than 1/2 inch). Now measure the door against the opening, having your second person hold it in place while you draw a pencil line over any overlap on the opening side. Measure the distance from the edge of the doorjamb to the pencil line. The difference should be the same as the difference between the door and the opening.

If the door opening is larger than the door, you might be able to shim the door to make it fit. If you have to use two or more shims you might want to consider putting in a piece of 1X2 instead. This will narrow the door opening, but unless you have a special need for wide doorways it will not hinder.

Now take the measurement and divide by two. Remember your math class when the teacher said you would have to use this when you got older? Measure a second time, remember it is better to measure twice and only cut once. You don't want to have to add more and start over.

Now measure half the total distance from each side of the opening. You will be removing the excess using the chisel and hammer, smooth it with the plane when you are done. Now hold the door in place and check your size. Trim any high spots. Now have your second person hold the door in place while you put in the middle screw and then the top and bottom ones. Now check the door swing, mark where the latch will go. Chisel out any excess so that you get a good fit.

Paint the doorjamb, and caulk if needed. Shut the door and enjoy the knowledge that you did it yourself.