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Leos are usually warm, loving and generous. Their kind gestures comes from their big hearts. Leos can be very attentive to others, and usually shower others with bountiful approval and compliments.
Ruled by the sun, Leos possess a lovable, childlike playfulness and a strong need for creative self expression. Leos often have trouble with vanity and pride. They sometimes find it hard to admit that they are wrong. Leos can easily compensate for any failings by their sunny personality, sense of fun and genrosity. These friendly people are ideal partners for social events, parties and long holidays. Leos have remarkable leadership skills, which usually brings them to positions of authority. Leos take charge naturally, they may be mistaken as being bossy. However, they will work hard to fulfill their responsibilities, and they make excellent managers and leaders.
Lions are known for their courage and would much rather play a strong and protective role for others than be weak and defenseless. Leos presume that others possess a sense of integrity similar to their own, and they are careful to keep their sense of self respect in any disagreement. Leos are very aware of the impressions they make on others.
Being a fire sign, Leos are usually lively and enthusiastic but can be stubborn. Their creativity and sense of drama combine to make them great romantics. Leos love to love and be loved. You'll know a leo when you meet one, their dynamic personalities will leave a lasting impression.