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Kerala history museum is a great attraction for tourists who visits Kerala. Here, visiters can see the historical growth of Kerala state in the southmost tip of India. Famous personalities who played significant roles in the progress of Kerala have been displayed in a chronological order. Through a light and sound show the commentator takes the visiters to a historic background.

This museum run by a charitable trust is situated on the national highway about twelve kilometers from Cochin city. It is founded in the name of a well known industrialist and philanthropist Shri. R. Madhavan Nair in 1987. It is a beautiful building round shaped made of granite.

In Kerala the ancesters lived in the forests. They were called in different names such as Kadan , Ernadan, Malappandara , Paniyar, erular etc. We can see the whole Kerala history through the beautiful statues. Tribals, Adi sankara the exponent of advaitha philosophy,Marthanda varma who ruled Travancore which later became a part of Kerala, Vascodegama the 1st portugese who landed in Kerala and his Trade strategies with Samuthiri the ruler of Kozikode, famous freedom fighter Pazassiraja, Kerala traditional art form like Mamankam, Kathakali,Thullal and Mohiniyattom, Father of Malayalam language Thunchath ramanujan ezuthachan and so on.

Museum reveals one and all the history of Kerala and its traditional culture,people,dress,and lifestyle.Through light and sound show museum explains the history of Kerala from 2000 years ago.Visters can see and get an idea of 90 historic personalities, traditional arts, heritage and culture of Kerala.

At the entrance of the museum, a statue of a nair lady welcomes the visiters saying namasthe in action of welcome with holded hands. The first statue reaveals the traditional backward communities both ladies and gents who lived in forests centuries back. They did hunting for their livelihood with their premitive tools and weapons.

Samuthiri king was very careful about the development of the country in 12th centuary. He constructed royal godowns to keep goods for foreigners in Kozikode harbour. Marthanda varma who was the king of Travancore contributed extensively for the growth of art and culture. Pazassi raja who was a famous freedom fighter of kerala.Through the show everybody can get the information about Kerala history.

The statue of Kalarippayattu attraction the attention of visiters. Especially the statue of Unniyarcha takes us the period of Vadakan pattu when Kalrippayatuu was practised by young women and men.After a visit to the museum and seeing the light and sound show we get a clear view of the gradual development of Kerala from the pre historic times.