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Burnout – we all get it. It is as unwanted as a cold so how do we deal with burnout once we have it?

Burnout can be difficult to get rid of depending on how we handle our circumstances.

First, decrease the culprit of the burnout (i.e. long work hours) and add as much variety in your life as you can. For example: By decreasing your work hours from twelve hours a day to eight or ten this leaves you two to four extra hours to do something fun. Go for a ride, watch a movie, visit family or friends or go to a quiet park and enjoy nature or read a good book. Once you start feeling better, continue to keep your work hours to an eight-hour day if possible. There may be times when you have deadlines looming and too little time to finish the mountain of work.

Second, burnout can be prevented in most instances.

Living a balanced life prevents burnout from arriving on your doorstep. On a sheet of paper, write down your daily schedule for each day of the week. Once this is accomplished, look to see how you fill your day while you are at work. Do you socialize more than you work causing you to work well into the night? If this true, cut back on your socialization time as much as possible and get your work finished during the eight to ten hours you are there. At lunchtime, don’t sit at your desk and eat – go to the cafeteria, outside or a nearby park for a change of scenery. Several days a week at the end of the workday arrives go out for dinner, watch a movie, visit friends or family, go shopping or just walking around the mall for a change of pace. This will help you to not get into a work/home rut therefore causing frustration and burnout. Make time for other things you like to do or start up a new hobby or go to an evening class for fun. Take a vacation to some place near by that won’t require you to expend a lot of energy for packing and traveling.

Remember when you start feeling stressed out and can’t take work any longer, look at what your lifestyle is and make the necessary changes as suggested above.