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What is it?

Drosphila species insects, also known as fruit flies are often an annoyance in areas where fruit, vegetables, and garbage are allowed to ferment and rot. They do not, however, pose any serious health risks.

What does it look like?

They are tiny, about 1/8 inch in size at their largest. These clear-winged insects are yellowish brown and can be seen flying around rotting fruit, vegetables and garbage. They have a slow, hovering manner.

How does it manifest?

These common household pests are attracted to rotting and fermented foods and will hover around them. Female adult flies lay their eggs in the decaying fruit or vegetables where they hatch in just a matter of a few days. The resultant maggots are very tiny and feed upon the yeasts in the decaying foods and garbage. Maggots quickly pupate and become adults. They typical life cycle of a vinegar fly is usually only 10 to 12 days.

What can you do about it?

Your best bet is to maintain sanitary conditions, keeping fruit, vegetables and other garbage in sealed containers where necessary. Make sure you keep garbage tightly covered and dispose of it regularly. An often overlooked method of sanitation is cleansing the garbage can frequently, be sure to do so. Vineger flies can also be killed by sraying with a fogger containing pyrethrins, or chlorpyrifos. Make sure to follow package directions carefully.