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Waking up to find you have lost your voice is a very unpleasant surprise. Laryngitis occurs when you have an inflammation of the larynx which is usually caused by a bacterial or viral infection of the upper respiratory system. In most cases laryngitis will begin with the voice becoming hoarse and then progress until the voice is temporarily lost. In many cases fever, chills, a sore throat, headaches and a run down feeling will precede laryngitis.

Because laryngitis is caused by an infection that is similar to a cold or the flu it should be treated in the same way. Drink plenty of fluids and take aspirin or other analgesics. Get plenty of rest and it is even safe to take a cough suppressant. Try not to talk, drink alcohol or smoke when you have laryngitis since this will only aggravate the condition. If you prefer taking natural remedies you can gargle with sage, horehound or slippery elm. Taking Riboflavin niacin and zinc will also aid in healing this condition. A combination of coltsfoot, comfrey, mallow, marshmallow, mullein and plantain, taken in pill form or drank in a warm tea mixture will also hurry the healing process. For the infection take echinacea and goldenseal glycerite. Three times daily, place about ten drops in your mouth and allow them to slowly roll down your throat. Refrain from drinking any liquids for at least ten minutes after this treatment.

Using aroma therapy will aid in healing laryngitis. Benzoin is known to remove mucus from the respiratory tract and acts as an antiseptic. Frankincense acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is known for its healing qualities. Sandlewood is good for removing mucus from the respiratory system and relieves spasms brought about by coughing. These oils can be burned in an aroma lamp, added to a hot bath or placed on cotton balls in the room you are occupying. The best way to benefit from these oils is by inhalation. This is especially beneficial for infections of the respiratory system. To prepare these oils to be used as an inhalant combine two pints of steaming hot water with no more than six drops of the oils. Pour into a bowl and completely cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Inhale through your nose if possible for at least ten minutes.

From time to time, some people will find that laryngitis persist for days but without any sign of infection. This happens from time to time when people are exposed to irritants such as tobacco smoke or alcohol. Overuse of the voice will also create this condition. Prolonged singing, shouting or speaking have also brought about cases of laryngitis. When this occurs, use throat lozenges to soothe your irritated larynx. Try to stop the cause of the irritation until the condition has healed. When laryngitis persist for a week or longer it could be a cronic condition that is brought on by cronic bronchitis or sinusitis. If this is the case you will need to treat the root of the problem to heal the larynx. Be sure you never ignore persistent hoarseness since it might be the symptom of a more serious condition. If you have laryngitis for ten days or more you should always see a doctor.