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It is not always easy to decide where to go on a date, especially if it is a first date. The ideas that are in this article can be used if you are a boy or girl, man or woman. Some dates will cost a lot of money and some will cost no money at all. Some dates will require a suit and tie and some will require just a bathing suit. A date should be filled with fun and good times, and should be no hassle at all.
The traditional date of going to dinner and then catching a movie is always a fun time. This is a great type of date as long as it is not the first one. It is very difficult to sit through a two and a half hour movie and then sit across the table from someone you barely know. The “dinner and movie” will be a little more costly than some of the other dating choices. The “dinner and a movie” date can range from casual to a little more dressy of an evening.
A more romantic approach of a date is the “picnic” date. Whether you are a male or female, it is very romantic to pack a picnic basket with different types of foods and drinks for a nice picnic. Be sure to find out what kind of foods your date enjoys. If you bring some hamburgers and you find out at the picnic she is a vegetarian that might not be to good of a date. You can be very casual when going on a “picnic” date. On this type of date you can have a really good time getting to know one another. I suggest you bring a Frisbee or something else to do while on the picnic.
Another fun date that doesn’t require a lot of “funds” is the miniature golf date, or bowling date. These types of dates offer a louder atmosphere, which alleviates a lot of the pressure between the couple. This is a good type of date to go with another couple or bigger group. Make sure not to get to competitive with your date, you don’t want to get them too angry on the first date. Once again this is a very casual type of date. Jeans or some slacks and a collared shirt will work for this date.
If you want to get hot and sweaty with your date then you could try taking them out to play tennis or some other sport. The “sport date” is great to do on a hot day. There is a lot less pressure to make conversation when you are twenty feet across the court. Make sure you don’t get too dressed up for this date, since you are going to be sweating up a storm. After you play your game you can offer to go home and pick him or her up later for some lunch or dinner.
A more eloquent date is to go to the symphony or maybe a concert. This might be a little pricey but they are always entertaining. With entertainment, there is always the option of catching a meal at a restaurant. If you go see a show like this it is important that you “dress to impress.”
That concludes some of the many ideas of where to go on your next date. Remember that it is not necessarily where you go that makes the date fun, it is the two who are going. Have fun and be safe on all of your coming dates.