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The name alone conjures up many images of a half man half beast, none of which singularly explain what this mythical creature is. The Yeti is the Asian equivalent of Sasquach or Bigfoot. Yeti have been seen all the way from Siberia to China and everywhere in between. The Yeti is generally described as being man like and in most cases the same height or slightly shorter than that of normal men, the one defining charastic is that in all cases it is a creature that is reported with hair all over its body.

The proportions are similar to that of human counterparts with the exception of having slightly longer arms than normal. They have been reported much in the Far East but also in Russia as well. Unlike its North American equivalent (Bigfoot), the Yeti or abominable snowman looks more human like in its shape and its movements.

It has been described as having brown, black, or reddish brown fur. There have been no close eyewitness accounts for a very long time. Most if not all-modern accounts take place at least fifty years ago, with most being in the 100 plus year range. There have never been any reports of its having attacked anyone, rather there have been several cases of them taking off at the first sight of a human.

Most reports of sightings have taken place on the boarder between China and Russia