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Before I explain how to make your flowers last longer, first you need to know the basic structure of a flower.

Flowers are always grouped into inflorencene (flower cluster) called head, or capitulum, which resemble and functions as a single flower. The flowers with the head are called disk florets. Both types are surrounded by bracts (specialized leaves) at the base. The calyx (floral envelope, or pappus that surrounds the individual flowers in a head consists of scales or bristles, which often aid in distribution of seeds. In the common dendelion the papers consists of fine bristles that enable the fruit to float through the air.

Tips on how to make your flower last longer:

Always cut the stems half an inch from the bottom. Make the cut an angle so that the stem will not press against the bottom of the vase, closing off the flow of the water.

Make tiny incision at the base of the bloom, To slow water buildup (which makes petals droop)

Fill an absolutely clean vase with fresh water. change the water and preservatives daily

Add Floral preservative. One recipe: two squeezes of lemon juice, a quarter teaspoonful of sugar and a few drops of club soda.

Display the flowers out of the sun, and keep them cool at night.

Remove leaves below the water line.

If you follow these guidelines above your flower will last longer.