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These little critters make an excellent pet choice for a child, because they are usually very gentle. They eat vegetables, fruits, grains, they need fiber, fats, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Oh and don’t forget the water.

When you pick a cage for you little friend you should pick one without a wire floor, or wood floor, plastic is the best floor and easier to clean. There should be at least two square feet for living space, and high sides below the wiring, because this will help keep the piggies bedding
in the cage.

The best bedding to use for the cage is kiln dried pine, newspaper, corn cob bedding, or hay. Do not use Cedar it has a fume that can hurt the piggy. Most of the time Guinea Pigs have a good personality, but they can bite and it hurts.

When choosing a pig you must find one that meets your personality needs. You must be prepared to do cleaning of the cage, and that can take some responsibility. You must put their water in a bottle because the piggy will just upset a container of water in his cage.

Guinea Pigs love the attention that children give them, and they love to be cuddled and talked to. They love to be looked at and pet.