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What is more fun on a beautiful day then a picnic? Whether you're bringing lunch to the park for you and your kids, having dinner outside or attending an outdoor concert on the lawn, here are some ideas for your next picnic.

- Make sure the food you're bringing will hold up well under the weather. Try and avoid mayonnaise based dishes or dishes that must be kept very warm or very cold. (for example, ice cream). Even with a cooler, temperatures may vary.

- Start with a sturdy, waterproof tablecloth and consider bringing some tape to anchor it to a picnic table, if necessary. Along with eating utensils, don't forget any serving utensils you may need.

- If you are just having lunch with one or two others and don't want to bring a cooler, try freezing either water bottles, or juice boxes and placing the food on top of them. This will keep the food cold, and they will be defrosted when it's time for a drink!!

Here are some great foods for picnics:

- A loaf of crusty french bread, some cheeses, grapes, apples and a bottle of wine. Try a variety of cheeses and slice them before you leave home and wrap individually, to avoid having to slice all the cheeses outside.

- Make, or purchase fried chicken and bring an oil based potato salad, and watermelon to go with it.

- Individual sandwiches made ahead of time are also great for picnics. Try roast beef and gruyere cheese with a bit of horseradish. Or turkey on wheat with lettuce, tomato and avocado.

- If you are bringing a salad, do not put the dressing on until you arrive. This will keep the lettuce from getting soggy.

- Instead of bringing a lot of fruit that you have to slice up, make fruit skewers at home before you leave, and wrap in aluminum foil. Try grapes, banana, mandarin oranges, pear chunks, etc. You can even make a dipping sauce by mixing equal parts of yogurt and honey.

- If you don't want fruit for dessert, consider something that won't melt, like chocolate chip cookies.

- Make sure you bring bug spray and sunscreen!