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Leo women have birthdays from July 23 to August 22.

They are extremely warm hearted and sympathetic. They love their roles as wives and mothers, and often do not seek employment outside the home. When they do, they are far better suited for mental labor rather than manual labor. They seem to inspire hope to all who come in contact with them. For that reason, they are skillful nurses and members of the clergy. By nature, Leo women are very independent and resent being commanded. They have a keen sense of judgment and rise well to the challenge of leadership roles.

Leo women can adapt themselves readily to a wider range of circumstances than women of any other sign. They find it more agreeable to plan their work than to execute the details it involves. Like the lion that represents Leo, they are fond of luxury, warmth, and ease. This does not mean they're lazy, but what they do is usually through inspiration, or when the mood strikes them. Yet when necessary they display unbound fortitude and great courage while doing what they need to do promptly and effectively.

They are secretive and great at keeping a "poker face" so others are not aware of their true thoughts. Leo women have great respect for law and authority but, because of their fire sign, must guard against being hot-headed so they do not get in trouble with the law.

Leo women cannot bear to be neglected by the men they love. "Love me or I die" could be their motto. They need to take caution against young or hasty marriages. In most instances it is advisable that they wait until they are well settled in life before marrying someone of equal social and intellectual standing. These wonderous women have the greatest love for their family. In the rearing of their children they use their great wisdom and do not rely heavily on advice from others. Mothers of this sign are gentle and tender and display great ferocity toward those who cause their children any grief.

The sign Leo rules over the heart. Their diet should be wholesome and meals should be quiet, orderly, and calm. Temperate habits and a harmonious home life are essential to the health and happiness of Leo women. When this doesn't happen, heart problems can result. However, these women have great vitality and can soon recover from many serious ailments.

Despite their considerable talents, Leo women must guard against despondency and depression. When these appear, it is best to sum up faults and weaknesses. Self control is essential. Courage is there to look facts in the face and use self control to start anew with fresh resolves. They will never know true happiness and prosperity if they permit others to toss their emotions around without following their better judgment. The secret of success lies in their genial manner which enables them to keep in sync with those around them. When they conquer their faults, there is no limit to the wonderous things Leo women can do.