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I'd like to start off with a little thing called a shamrock. St. Patrick used it to demonstrate a religious point to the people of Ireland. "Do you not see," he said, "how in this wildflower three leaves are united on one stalk, and will you not then believe that there are indeed three persons and yet one God?" He wanted to show that there may be three people but there is one God. That these people are God, one in the same, the same person. St. Patrick chose as a symbol of the Trinity of the Christian church. To this day the shamrock remains the national emblem of Ireland and is worn proudly by Irish people the world over on St. Patrick's Day (March 17).

Then there is the legend of the Claddagh Ring. There are a few legends about this ring. For one, it symbolizes LOVE (heart), FRIENDSHIP & FAITH(hands), and LOYALTY & FIDELITY(crown). There was a Dublin version of this ring that appeared some 100 years back with two hands and two Hearts but no Crown. Some call this version the Fenian Claddagh. The Crown to The Father, The Left hand to the Son, and the Right Hand the Holy Ghost. This explanation is directly correlated to the Shamrock, one of the earliest symbols of the Holy Trinity among the Irish. It more or less was a symbol of which was exchanged between friend or lovers. I found this particular folklore to be enlightening and informative.
And what folklore wouldn't complete without fairies. There is one called Lhiannon Sidhe. She haunts place like wells, along streams lined with moss and willows. She is considered a protective spirit of certain families. Basically what she did was find herself a human man, attach herself and posses his mind. The human man would be totally in love with her and do all kinds of poetry, art and such only for her. What she got out of it was to destroy this persons heart and soul. Basically ruining him for any or all women. How bout that for a vampire? So much for true love.
Well like I said earlier, folklore is nothing more than stories and lessons of life to enrich your existence. There is nothing wrong with learning all you can about your heritage. Especially when it comes to folklore and such.