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There are so many uses today for pressed flowers. They can be framed in a picture and hung on a wall to remind you of spring. They can be used to make personalized greeting cards, set in resin to make paper weights or wall plaques and much, much more. Perhaps you would just like to press and save flowers that were given to you for a special occasion. There is no nicer way to remember a graduation, wedding or the birth of a child than to be able to bring the memories back by looking at the flowers that enhanced the occasion. Pressing flowers is a simple task that anyone can learn.
If you are picking flowers or leafy plants to press, they should be picked around noon for the best results. Remember that yellow and orange blossoms will retain their color better than most. The blues and pinks tend to fade while reds tend to turn brown. For the more fleshy flowers you should lay each one between two layers of paper towels. If your flowers are delicate and fine, you will want to place each one between two layers of waxed paper. For larger flowers such as roses, you will need to press each petal individually. After your flowers are wrapped you will want to weight each one with a heavy book or any other heavy object that will completely cover their surface. With fine flowers, many people place them inside a heavy book and return it to the shelf until the flower has dried. Remember that some flowers such as roses will bleed a bit onto the surrounding area. Because of this, it is always wise to press each flower or petal separately. The flowers will need to be placed in a warm dry area for at least a month in order to properly dry and be pressed to perfection.
When your flowers are pressed, if you would like to turn them into a framed picture you can begin by choosing a frame. Next you will need to cut a piece of heavy construction paper, in the color of your choice, to fit the frame. Very gently remove your pressed flowers from their wrapping and arrange them in a bouquet, spray other any other arrangement that is pleasing to your eye. Using a toothpick, dab bits of white glue onto the back of each plant. Then very gently press it into place. When the glue has dried take the construction paper and lay it face down in the frame. Replace the cardboard backing and push 1\2 inch brads into the frame to hold the backing in place. To seal the frame you can also cut wrapping paper to fit the frame and glue it to the back.
If you are placing your pressed flowers in a scrape book or album you will want to leave them in waxed paper. For larger flowers that were wrapped in paper towels, gently transfer them to waxed paper prior to gluing them in your book. If you plan to resin cover your pressed flowers, you will need to remove them from the paper. Flowers can be given a three dimensional appearance in resin by creating an original spray and spot gluing it to the plaque before pouring the first layer of resin. When this has thoroughly dried, add more flowers and pour another layer of resin. Continue this process until you have achieved the desired results. Pressed flower pictures and plaques make wonderful gifts, as well as, memories.