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You can use several different items to make your clock. Use a picture from a magazine, a piece of fabric, or even a picture of your family or loved one to make a wonderful clock that is not only lovely, but a great keepsake or gift!

You will need a hard piece of cardboard or a thin piece of craft wood to attach your favored material to. As well, you will need craft glue, the clock dial, which includes the hands, numbers and motor. You will also need a drill to make a hole to put the hands through.

Using your prefered material for the backing, cut it to the correct shape, then apply favored material using craft glue. Allow to dry, then trim with lace, beads, glitter, or any other item that completes your clock. Next, drill a hole and attach the clock hands, numbers, and motor. Allow to dry. Add batteries to the motor and your clock is complete.

These are not only easy and quick to make, they make wonderful gifts, or can be a wonderful money-makers for craft sales or flea markets. You will be amazed by the simple things you can turn into a great clock. I used a Precious Moments picture that came on some packaging and made a beautiful clock for my daughter's nursery. Also, for my parents anniversary, I used an old picture that I photocopied and made into a black and white photo, then turned it into a great clock. My parents loved it and asked me where I had it made! The opportunities are endless. Just look through a magazine or use gift wrap, fabric, or pictures off packaging. Black and white pictures are now the "IN" thing. I found some absolutely wonderful pictures in a magazine that would make great clocks. You can do the same thing and make a lot of money off a picture that cost next to nothing!

These clocks are easy, but best of all, you will only have to spend money on the clock dial, and craft wood, if you don't use cardboard. They have a low overhead, but you get a high return on them! Best of all, they're great looking clocks that make it very hard for anyone to guess they're so cheap!