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Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac, and an air sign. Their ruling planet is Mercury known as the messenger God. Gemini people are always on the move, always searching for knowledge. They are usually quick at learning and love to share their knowledge with others. Geminis can be multitalented and enthusiastic, but must guard against taking on too many projects at once. Through mental discipline and education, Geminis learn to develop a greater depth of thought.

Geminis usually have bright, expressive faces and enjoy using their hands. Most Geminis love to talk and can chatter on for hours. Young in outlook, Geminis are compared to the etrnsl child, always in a state of wonder.
Gemini, like their symbol the twins, they are renowned for being able to do at least tow things at once, as well as being flexible, versatile and adaptable. Geminis are not known for their consistencey, and may appear to have many personalities and may have mood changes frequently. Gemini individuals are generally intellectual and enjoy mental challenge rather than earthly passion. Geminis usually have an easy rapport with others. With their youthful charm and natural quick wit, they can be delightful friends and companions. Entertaining, with a wealth of Ideas. Geminis are highly expressive when they let their spirits roar.