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Well after searching the internet for the top three ghost stories in the United States, I found three that caught my attention as well as interest me. I'm sure my picks will not agree with everyone but I am sure notheless will enjoy reading the story. I've tried to find at least one weird one, a scary one and a semi-humorous one. So I hope you like what I picked.

This story comes from Cumberland Island, Georgia. It said that once, a wealthy couple was having a huge dinner party when suddenly the house burst into flames. Everyone managed to escape except the owner of the mansion. It is said that his charred remains were buried during a very large funeral service. The house was abandoned, but it is said the man was again seen having a dinner party. As the house burned for a second time, several went to inspect the scene and found the man’s body—again. When the party went to see if his body was still in the casket, it was gone. Since that time, visitors have reported mysterious sights and sounds at the mansion.
Here is one you will like. In Monmouth, Illinois, there's a street called Devil's Road which is marked by the sign of the devil-666-atop a dead end sign at the end of the street. Allegedly, the grim reaper stands in the middle of the road as cars approach. Just as the car is about to mow him over, the reaper puffs into a cloud of smoke. When the victims return the next day, burn marks tell exactly where the reaper appeared. Also on the road is Haunted Bridge. Legend says that young couple came around the curve too fast and fell of the bridge to a watery grave. It is alleged that if one stops their car on the bridge for any reason, they will be guided to safety off the bridge. Bare footprints have been reported on rainy nights. Many others have also put powdered sugar on their car and reported hand prints after leaving the bridge.
And last but least, this one falls under strange. It's in Mishawaka, Indiana. In this house once lived a man, his wife, and their servant. Early one morning, the insane maid hanged herself in the basement near the freezer. Shortly thereafter, the wife shot her husband and then killed herself. Employees now report seeing soda fountains fill glasses on their own, toilets flushing, and flickering lights. Resoundingly, however, many report hearing the whispery chant "Jobs done, go home now."