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Everyone wants to think of original ideas for table decorations at parties. I've come up with a really cute idea on how to make some great centerpieces that are sure to be a hit.

What You Will Need:
2 Liter Pop Bottle (1 per centerpiece)
sand (or salt)
tissue paper or metallic tissue paper
gift ribbon
mini 5" balloons
balloon sticks
onion grass

All of these items are available at most party supply stores, or craft stores. Onion Grass comes in all kinds of colors, and some have 'symbol stems' attached.

What You Will Need To Do:

Cut bottle top off of your 2 liter bottle.(From mouth to about a quarter of the way down the bottle.) Take 1 balloon and run it up through the mouth of your bottle top. Fold the balloon 'lip' over the mouth of the bottle. Fill the balloon with sand, or salt. You can fill it with a kitchen funnel, or roll a piece of paper into a funnel. Place the bottle top in the center of multiple layers of tissue paper. Pull all sides of paper up towards the mouth of the bottle and tie with lots of gift ribbon. This is now the base of your centerpiece.
Blow up your 5" balloons and attach to your balloon sticks. Cut some sticks shorter, to give different heights to your balloons. Place the balloon sticks into the sand filled balloon in your base. Add in a few sticks of onion grass. You can use scissors to curl onion grass by placing the scissor blade against a strand of grass and pulling scissors toward you. Some onion grass comes with 'symbol stems.' These stems have hearts, money signs, or happy birthday signs on them. If you have onion grass with 'symbol stems,' twirl the stem around a pen and pull pen out. Leaves a swirled effect that is really cute.

Themes I Love To Use:

For Graduations:
Wrap base in tissue paper that are the school's colors. Do balloons in school colors also. Buy onion grass with the money signs on the stems, and stick some in. Purchase a few extra balloon sticks and stick dollar bills in, instead of balloons. You can fold bills into a fan shape to make them fit into your sticks.

For Weddings:
Create base with wedding colors. Stick in balloons in corresponding colors, and onion grass with heart stems. Attach minature wedding bands to extra balloon sticks.

For Birthday/New Year's Parties:
Create base and balloons of the color of your choice. Add in plain onion grass or grass with corresponding symbol stems. Attach party hats, party blow horns, or any other party favors you can find for your occasion. Minature champagne bottles are great for New Year's.

Let your imaginations go crazy. Possibilities with this project are endless. Have Fun!