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Compact Discs (CD) for your stereo or computer are made of a polycarbonate top layer, an aluminum/gold metal reflective layer, a polycarbonate bottom layer, and some printing ink. Polycarbonate is extremely stable over time as long as you care for it well. You shouldn’t stick labels on CDs or write on them. You should never use any cleaning liquids on a CD that contain silicones or solvents. You shouldn’t leave CDs in sunlight or other bright light. They can not be exposed to temperatures higher than normal room temperatures and you shouldn’t leave a CD under water. Most CDs manufactured today will last for more than 30 years without deterioration if they receive proper care.

To clean a compact disc, use a drop of dish detergent and clean water. Do not rub. Never rub or wipe in a circle. Rinse the disc in running water and gently shake off most remaining drops.

Make sure to remove all the solution from the CD by drying with a soft, lint-free cloth. Dry it off by wiping it from the center of the CD outward and not in a circular motion. You can also by commercial cleaning kits with wonderful cleaning solutions and the right kind of lint free cloth. If you’re new to disc cleaning, using a cleaning kit is a very safe way to proceed.

Keeping your compact disc player clean is another preventative measure to prolonging the life of your discs. Regular dusting for the outside and using a commercial cleaning disc inside the player once a week will keep your player in good shape. If your player stops playing all the tracks on a CD, check with a repair shop to find out how to lubricate the gears or find broken plastic parts.