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Knowledge of Yoga has been known to mankind even prior to 200 BC.In early times knowledge of this great science was restricted to a few itinerant Yogis. But in recent times importance of Yoga as a preventive science has
became more known. Yoga is a way of life and not just exercise to maintain good health.

But I restrict this article to cover impact of Yoga on our health. There are concrete evidence available to cure arthritis and asthma with yoga therapy. Even medical doctors are suggesting Yoga therapy to cure such diseases. In US Yoga institutes have become common now.

Yoga is practiced for physical, mental and spiritual well being with emphasis being laid upon the individual behavior as whole entity. There are cases where patients have been resorted to normal health through Yoga where allopathic treatment failed. Yoga is also very effective in preventing diseases like diabetes and heart ailments. Anyone who practices yoga regularly can be assured of normal bodily function, breathing gets better and improved mental abilities. Yoga can reduce mental & physical stress and diseases like insomnia can be cured. Yoga can cure psychosomatic diseases i.e. diseases related to mind and body. Yoga is also excellent as preventive medicine.

Though allopathic medicine has made tremendous progress in recent years and it can cure many modern diseases. But there is always side effect of using allopathic medicine. It also cures only affected parts and not patient as a
whole. More frequent use can also weaken our resistance power. On the other hand regular practice of Yogic asanas , prnayamas and kriyas can keep resistance power at highest and there is always positive side effect.

Yogic science is even better equipped to handle modern age diseases like aids , mental stress, heart ailment and overall health. It also helps women during ante /post natal period. Regular practice can result into:

1) Diversion of excessive energies to well desired channels.
2) Greater and well balanced physical development of a person and boon for athletes and sports persons.
3) Mental development of much better order.
4) Long-term reduction of crime rates
5) Better and healthy society

Yogic science can be of great use in times to come and practices of Yoga is 100% better alternative to expensive drugs. Looking at mind-boggling raise in modern day medical treatment, Yoga will become popular choice for many.
New millennium will be a millennium of YOGA.