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You should keep your snake in as large a tank as possible. Even small snakes should have at least 20-gallon tanks in which they can live. It will need plenty of room to eat, sleep, bask, and move around in.

The other important feature is the top. It must be secure enough so that the snake cannot open it. Snakes can be strong and will try to push itself out. Once it gets a space wide enough for its head to stick out, it can easily escape.

What to include inside the tank

Snakes like to hide at times away from everything. Construct a small boxy area in the tank where it can sneak away to when it wants.

Get a decent sized branch for it to crawl on, as well. Snakes like to climb and rest on tree limbs. But be sure to soak it in a chlorine/water solution in order to kill the bugs off. Then rinse the branch thoroughly and allow it to dry.

Some snakes prefer pine wood chips, others like carpet, and still others thrive on "Astroturf," believe it or not. If you are going to use carpet or Astroturf, be sure to completely wash and dry it before putting it in. If you use pine chips, watch for urine and feces and remove the soiled chips as soon as possible, as it will become a prime breeding ground for fungus. Snakes like to burrow under the base of their tanks.

What conditions to maintain in your snake's tank

Your snake will need to have a couple different climates in the tank. You'll want to consider buying an incandescent light bulb and set it up outside the tank. Shine the light against only part of the tank, so the snake will have a good place where it can bask, and put the light on a timer, so the snake won't overheat. Most snakes need the temperature of their tank to be between 70 and 85 degrees. The lower temperature at night, and the higher temperature so it can most effectively digest its food.