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Many people are disgusted by rats because of the negative connotation associated with this furry creature. However, many people have rats as pets and love them as one would love a dog or a cat. Rats must be domesticated
before that can learn to trust and rely on you.

Whats the best way to handle a rat?
With most rodents you are not supposed to handle it unless absolutely necessary. However, with rats experts suggest that handle the rat as much as possible, regardless of whether it likes it or not. To pick it up you want to either cup your hands around it’s body or lift it up with your hand around its belly. Never pick it up by the tail. Rats hate this and it could hurt them. A tail is not meant to be a handle, it is not designed to hold the weight of the body.
The more you handle the rat the more it gets used to you. If walk around with the rat on your shoulder it will get to know you and become more trustful of you. Soon enough it will get comfortable with you and enjoy your company very much.

Is there anything to avoid in handling a rat?
Aside from picking it up by the tail there isn’t really anything to avoid. The more the better. If you keep your rat safe while in your hands, they will trust and not bite. However, if the rat becomes sick, for both your
sakes, refrain from handling until the little guy is healthy again.

When should you start handling your rat?
Start as soon as possible. The sooner you start handling your rat the sooner you and your rat will become friends. If you don’t handle your rat enough, sooner or later it will begin to regard you as only someone who
gives it food.