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Tarantulas are fairly simple creatures. You don't need to give them a whole lot of space, but they do need somewhere they can walk around, eat, and drink.

What kind of house can you give a tarantula?

Shoeboxes make great tarantula houses, and so do aquariums or plastic jars. Whichever container you choose to house your tarantula in, you need to make sure it has a top that you can seal shut. You should cover your spider's house with a screen or mesh in order to give it some ventilation and still keep it properly enclosed. Having the top of your tarantula's home secured is of utmost importance. You don't want to give it a chance to escape. And you want to make sure the top is secure enough that it won't be able to push the top open.

What kinds of supplies do you need for your spider's home?

You need to make sure you keep your spider in a warm, temperate home. Keep your tarantula in a home with a temperature gradient of about 80 to 85 degrees. If you don't want to keep you home at that temperature level all the time, you can get a heating pad and put it under your spider's home, or you can try heat rocks or even put your spider in a room that is separately climate controlled.

Your spider likes humidity as well. You should keep his home at a humidity level of about 60-90 percent. It won't hurt anything to spray your tank lightly with a fine misty water every week to keep the humidity level up.

Also need to make sure your spider has a good place in which it can dig: spiders like places they can burrow inside.