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Ferrets are harder than dogs and cats to purchase. In order to buy one you should avoid pet stores and find a ferret breeder. A ferret born in captivity is much more likely to be tame and sociable.

Where do you find a good ferret breeder?
Check the classified section of your local newspaper, find any local ferret clubs, and definitely get in touch with the American Ferret Association. Any one of these sources can put you in touch with a good breeder in your area.

How do you know if the breeder you’ve chosen is a good one and is giving you a fair price?
-Become well educated about ferrets and ask good questions.
-Attend local ferret meetings, talk to owners etc. about how to care for a ferret.
-Responsible breeders are members of national ferret groups, meaning they subscribe to an ethical code.
-Make sure the breeder intends to keep a member of the litter.
-A good breeder will make sure you have a fairly intimate knowledge of ferrets so that you know what you’re getting into.
-A good breeder is more interested in finding his animal a good home than “getting rid of it”.
-A good breeder will never claim there are no problems with a ferret their selling, there’s no such thing.
-Ask how long the breeder has been in business, a good breeder will have a couple of years under their belt.
-Get referrals from previous customers.
-Make sure you will receive a pedigree slip and health records for the animal.
-A good breeder will not sell a ferret before it is at least eight weeks old and weaned from their mother.
-A money back guarantee; a good breeder would rather take an animal back if you cannot take care of it.
-Find out how frequently the breeder breeds. A responsible breeder will only breed one litter per female per year.
-Find out what normal prices for ferrets are in your area, and make sure not to make any decision unless you are totally comfortable with the circumstances.

What kind of cage should you get for your ferret?
Ferrets like to roam free around the house most of the time. But if you want to give them a cage to stay in, wire cages are the best. The trick is to find a cage that your ferret can't escape from. Also you want to put it in a room that can almost serve as the ferret's room. Put bedding down in the cage so it has a place to relieve itself when you can't find time to take it outside.