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Before you bring a bird into your home there are some things you need to consider to make your home safe for your new friend. You will most likely need to make a few changes and take some precautions to bird-proof your home. Here is a list of things to change.

Chemical Hazards.
Most cleaning products or bug sprays will harm a bird, maybe even kill it. Aerosol sprays that you use to make your house smell pretty are very dangerous to a bird. Many times there is a safer alternative to sprays and harmful chemicals such as potpourri to keep a pleasant scent in your home.
You may want to consider chili powder around window sills and doorways to keep bugs out. Any uncertainty on a spray can should be confirmed or discussed with a vet. Ask your vet about other dangers to birds.

Ceilings, Doors and Windows.
You should always clip your bird's wings. Clipping wings will discourage a variety of undesirable behaviors. However, in the event you opt not to clip wings, you should consider that three things could and most likely will become hazards.
Ceiling fans in the room with your bird pose the threat of death since without clipped wings, the bird can gain flight into the swirling fan. Doors in that room should never lead outside. If the bird escapes it will not likely return and will not survive in the wild. That goes the same for windows, never leave them open.

Letting your bird roam freely will enhance your relationship with your bird. However, you must consider any hazards to a bird. A variety of everyday products will pose threats to your birds safety. These things include: electrical wires, cords, outlets, and certain foods. Certain foods we eat may cause death or illness to a bird.
If you take these steps in bird-proofing your home you will enjoy a fruitful life with your bird.

What human foods are harmful to birds?
While you may hear stories of your friends feeding your birds all kinds of fun human foods, all human foods are not always safe for birds. A good rule of thumb is to pretty much stick to feeding your birds fruits and bread products, if you must feed them something. Some foods that are toxic to birds include chocolate, aspirin, coffee, alcohol, and wild mushrooms.