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The Iguana is a tree-living, and daylight-active lizard found in the subtropical region form
Northern Mexico to Central South America. There are three common colors of Iguanas they
are: brown, green, and orange. There are also three different types of Iguanas and they are:
Chuckawalla, Desert, and Green.

Although Iguanas are cute when they are young they can grow to be 4-7 feet in length, 6-9 inches in height, and weigh 10-20 pounds.They may start in a 10 gallon tank or aquarium
and eventually will require a much larger space. They are very high in maintenance so careful consideration should be taken before buying one. Iguanas require a lot of attention, and care. If well maintained and well taken care of the Iguana can live 11 or more years.

An Iguanas temperament will vary from one to another. Some like to be held and some just tolerate it.They will bite if provoked.

Feeding an Iguana consists of many things : plant proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and very little fat. They need moisture in their food to offset the dry environment. Healthy vegetables to feed them are; green beans, snap peas, snow peas, orange vegetables, such as squashes, and
carrots, parsnips, and turnips. Healthy fruits such as, strawberries, mango, papaya, apple, and cantaloupe. Healthy greens are: collard, mustard, dandelion, escarole, kale and chard.
On the average it will cost about $30.00 to feed an Iguana a month.

There are some health concerns for the Iguanas such as; metabolic bone disease, kidney failure, respiratory infections, and mouth problems. There are two very common behaviors the Iguanas have and they are head bobbing, and sneezing. Head bobbing can be a territorial display or a mating ritual. Sneezing is very common because Iguanas cannot sweat like a human so they sneeze to excrete salt.