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What is a horned toad?
Most horned toad species are gentle creatures. They prefer dry conditions. If you encounter a horned toad, you may notice that it likes to watch you. Horned toads will sit and stare at you, rarely looking to run away.

Horned toads generally grow to about six inches in length, but possibly, their most extravagant physical feature is their crown of horns or spines. Horned toads have flat bodies, short legs, and a single row of spines on their sides. They range in color from greens to browns to grays and are generally the most active in the early morning hours. They like to sit in the sand, soaking up sunrays.

How did they get their name?

Despite what their name suggests, only mate in the summer months. Horned toads lay eggs in late summer, which hatch within two months. These animals were named because of the tiny horn-like spines they have running along their sides. These protrusions are so rare for frogs or toads that people thought they were giving them an appropriate name. We can always wonder whether those who named the horned toad didn't have a sense of humor, however.