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If you own a pet hamster you should know that they are cute and very smart, however they may not be as gentle and cuddly as other pets. In fact it's common for pet hamsters to bite their owners. However if you take a few simple precautions then you may spare yourself a nip on the hand once in awhile.

What's the best way to handle a hamster?
If you feel like you know your hamster's teeth better than the rest of it, you may not be handling your pet correctly. Hamsters bite people either because they are scared or because their owner's hand smells like food. So
don't hold your hamster after eating, he might greet you with a quick bite. Before you try and handle your hamster, let it become familiar with your hand. Put your hand in the hamster's cage and hold it steady. Let the hamster sniff you over and feel comfortable with you. Then gently pet its back. As your hamster gets to know you, it will feel comfortable crawling on your hand. At this point you may gently grab it by its belly and slowly lift it towards you. Keep the hamster close to the ground because if it is startled it will try and jump away from you. Allow the
hamster to look at your face. Never squeeze the hamster or do anything to frighten it.

What are the dangers of over-handling your hamster?
Hamsters may take a while to grow acclimatized to human interaction. They are initially nervous about being held and may become consistently scared of you if you don't treat them with respect. Work slowly with your hamster
and as long as it feels comfortable while you're handling it, enjoy the bond that you have created with your pet.