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It is easy to form a close rapport with your pet guinea pig. An owner's relation to his or her pet is bonded by the close contact that they share together. Not all guinea pigs have the same personalities. You will notice that how you treat your guinea pig really affects how it responds to

What's the best way to handle a guinea pig?
To pick up your guinea pig you should place one hand under its stomach and once you lift it, place your other hand under its hind legs. Guinea pigs are shy and easily scared creatures so you should always handle them with great care. When holding your guinea always keep it comfortably
supported. You can let your guinea pig lean against your chest looking up at you, or you can cradle it in your arms. If your guinea pig struggles then ease it back to the ground, you should never make it feel uncomfortable. Spend time with your guinea pig on the floor as well. It
will get to know you this way, and will be more responsive to your presence.

How does handling a guinea pig affect it?
If a guinea pig struggles as you hold it, then you may be handling it too much. Its important to hold and love your guinea pig as much as possible, but if it doesn't want to be handled it may be scared or uncomfortable. Respect your pet. If you should treat your guinea pig with the care it desires then it will bond with you better. You may want to
handle your guinea pig gradually at first and then more as it appears more comfortable. As you keep close contact with your pet, you are forming a deep bond that shows your love for it.