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If you're shopping around for the perfect pet frog then you may have a greater task at hand than you first expected. There is a diverse market of tamed frogs for sale today, so be sure to consider these things before you pick out your next amphibian buddy.

What kinds of frogs make good pets?

Frogs have become popular pets because of their exotic looks and intriguing habits. If you wish to own an active frog that will entertain you or your children, then a good choice would be an aquatic frog or a tree frog. These
frogs require minimal care and will be an active addition to your amphibian family. The African Dwarf Frog and the Oriental Firebellied Toad are two active frogs that are great for beginners. As long as you maintain their
aquarium and provide these frogs with crickets to eat, they make excellent pets. Another good beginner frog is the White's Tree Frog. This frog likes to perform for its owner and loves to be held. However, the White's
Tree Frog is inclined to get very fat and can thus become a less active pet. Also, this frog prefers a more humid environment so you must be sure to mist its tank a couple times every day.

Which frogs should average pet owners avoid?

Unless you are an expert frog owner, leave the poison frogs off of your want list. Though domesticated poisonous frogs no longer retain their toxic elements, they are extremely difficult to care for and require expert care from their owners. Expensive frogs are generally rare and exotic
animals, and have very delicate lifestyles that must be maintained by experts. Very small infant frogs should be avoided on account of the care they require and their tendency to grow into drastically different adult