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Ferrets and birds, herps, rabbits, and pet rodents do not get along, but they do get along with dogs and cats. They may sleep 15 hours but while they are awake they are very playful, and active, like burrowing under rugs, bouncing on beds like a trampoline, and they love squeaky toys, baby toys, and of course toys made just for ferrets.

Ferrets have very short attention spans, but they can be trained, and they learn quickly as long as you start very young. These little guys are not the best pet for a child under 7, but children over seven would be great. Infants and ferrets are a no, no because ferrets are attracted to the high pitch cry of an infant.

Is your ferret illegal? There are states where they are illegal and here is a list:
= California
= Hawaii
= Minnesota: Bloomington, Burnsville
= Ohio: Columbus
= Oklahoma: Tulsa
= Ontario: Canada,London, York, and East York
= Puerto Rico
= Texas: Dallas, Fortworth, Beaumont
= Washington DC

Restrictions may apply in these states:
= Illinois- free permit required
= Minnesota- St. Paul requires a one time fee of $25.00
= New Jersey- permit required at $10.00 a year
= Rhode Island- permit required at $10.00 a year
= South Carolina- It is legal to own one, but illegal to sell one

Ferrets are very playful and fearless. The world is their playground and everything they see is a playtoy or a playmate.