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A seed-only diet for birds is the equuivalent of feeding a 2 yr old only crackers and water; nothing else. Nowadays we know that other sources ofnutrition come from a variety of whole-food sources. These sources come from veggies (including dark, green leafy types), some fruit, and a base diet.

A recommended base diet is one including legumes, whole grain brown rice, pastas, pearl barley, thawed frozen veggies (which are the highest in nutrition), and granulated sea kelp-a natural source of necessary iodine. The recipe for a good base diet is as follows:

Cook each of the following ingredients separately.

1 c pearl barley to 2 c water, cook until water is absorbed.
1 pkg 16 bean soup mix (minus seasoning) Cover with water, bring to full boil, boil 40 min., until just tender
1 c lg. elbow macaroni; cover with water, boil 7 min.
2 pkg ramen noodles (minus seasoning) Add to macaroni, boil both 3 min. more, drain and rinse.
9 c frozen mixed veggies, unthawed.

Combine first four ingredients, mix completely. Add frozen veggies, layered on top of mixture, sprinkle lightly with granulated sea kelp. Bag individual portions and freeze. Defrost to serve.

This will be the main diet, or base, you will serve every morning at feeding time. The base diet and seed are coupled with dark, leafy greens and some fruit. The above items should be rinsed thoroughly to remove pesticides. A source of whole grains, found in Cherrios, toast, or no-salt crackers.

Follow this sure bet for optimum health in your bird. it is a menu which will increase your pet's longevity.
Happy birding!