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How does the basilisk run on water?
There is a reptile, named the basilisk, with four legs that is known for its ability to walk or run on water. It has the unique ability to get a running start and just keeps on running. With such a light body and such large feet, it can literally run on water as far as a quarter mile! The basilisk's hind toes have scales that help it along and act as water skis. However, if it ever slows while on the surface, it can sink. Some basilisks can even take their running on water a step further. If they want to confuse the animal that's chasing it, they can run across the water, then sink below the surface and quickly swim the opposite direction.

What is a basilisk?
They are truly not appealing to look at and that is one of the reasons the basilisk was so feared. According to ancient mythology, in fact, the basilisk was considered the most deadly of creatures. It could simply look at another animal, the legend goes, and the animal would drop dead. It was also believed that the basilisk could breathe on an animal, and its foul breath was so lethal that it can have the same effect as a poisonous gas. However, none of this has been proven true. In reality, when the basilisk doesn't like a predator, it darts off running and gets out of harm's way.
The lizard is generally green in color, but can adjust its hue to many different colors. Some grow as long as three feet. One of their several distinguishing features are their eyes. They seem to protrude from the animal's head. The basilisk also has a large crest on its forehead with a mark that look like the crest on the back of a shark protruding from the ocean surface. When the animal feels threatened, or if you make it angry, the basilisk raises its head and its bottom jaw opens up. Yes, the breath the animal lets off is foul, and the display it puts on often frightens off any creature that crosses its path. However, the fact remains that the basilisk isn't incredibly harmful to more powerful creatures.
The basilisk has long legs and huge toes and, like dinosaurs, can run on two legs. Also similar to dinosaurs, when basilisks run away, they often shoot their tails horizontally in the air.